District Update

14 April 2021

Hampshire Scouts have been looking for new opportunities for Districts to work more closely together and share best practices. This has included the closure of certain smaller Districts and amalgamate them into existing or new districts. The County Commissioner has asked Basingstoke East and West to consider how we can best support the closure of Silchester District and an initial meeting of district commissioners, district chairs and representatives from county was held on Wednesday 7th April 2021.

At this meeting, we presented our high-level findings of how we could welcome groups from Silchester into our team in Basingstoke East as well as the possibility of forming a wider Basingstoke & Deane Scout District. Throughout this process, we are continually guided by our key principles of providing the best quality Scouting for young people and support to our amazing volunteers. As we progress through this process of district amalgamation and restructure, this will be at the centre of every decision. We also understand that this time will cause uncertainty and upset for our Scouting colleagues in Silchester and in true Scouting style, we will be prepared to support them however we can. We will also come together to make them feel welcome once we know what the new plan is.

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns then please do reach out to Matthew Scott (District Chair) or myself, Jamie Andrews (Acting DC) who will endeavor to answer them the best we can.

As part of this initiative Hampshire Scouts have also held their decision on our District Commissioner position. I will therefore remain as Acting DC during this time.

I will write to you again once we know the necessary next steps.

Jamie Andrews, Acting District Commissioner


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