Kim’s Game

Type: Individual, Team

Equipment: 20 objects to be hidden under a line of 20 plastic cups. (make a note of the objects)

Setup: Divide the group into two teams (does not matter how they are split). Number each team from 1-20 (or whatever). Line up against opposite walls (short side of room) and sit down. Place cups in a line down the middle with objects under each one.

Extra Measures: Children do not actually touch the cup with the object underneath. They just point to it. Or you could number each cup. Cups and objects are ONLY touched by the leader running the game.


Show the children the objects and then cover them up. Call out an object and then a number. The child with that number has to be the first to find the object. Each child can only lift one cup. If they get it wrong they can NOT have another go. Keep a count of how many times each team gets it correct.

The other members of the team can help the children find the correct cup but only by calling out.


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