Recognise Someone

Recognise Someone

As Scouts, all of our volunteers help to shape young people’s lives for the better. Just as our young people appreciate, and look up to their leaders and role models, we want our volunteers to know just how amazing they are too.

Celebrating someone’s hard work is always important, and can motivate them even further. We want to make sure we are appreciating all our volunteers across the whole district and you can help us do just that.

    Say Thanks!

    Our say thanks form is your chance to thank someone for something great they have done. This could be helping you out with running a session or helping you to complete a project. The best ones may even receive a special thanks badge.

      Nominate for local award

      If some has gone even further and you feel they deserve more recognition than just a thanks, then use this form to nominate them for an award. Nominations will be reviewed by the Senior Leader Team and considered appropriately.

      Nominate for national award

      If you feel someone deserves a national level of recognition then please check out the various awards and how to nominate someone on using the button below.

      National Awards