District Update

20 May 2021

Silchester District Closure

Following a period of consultation between Hampshire Scouts, Basingstoke East, Basingstoke West and Silchester a decision has been made on the closure of Silchester District and any district amalgamations.

We are pleased to confirm that Basingstoke East and West districts will continue in their current format and the groups who were previously in Silchester will merge appropriately. This outcome was the most in line with our key principles and has the most positive impact on both our young people and adult volunteers.

We are really excited to be welcoming Bramley Scout Group to join us here in Basingstoke East. Bramley currently has Beaver, Cub and Scout sections and the District senior leader team will shortly be meeting with them to ensure a smooth and positive migration.

Basingstoke East District Commissioner

Following the decision for Basingstoke East and West Districts to continue in their current format, we are able to announce the exciting news regarding the permanent appointment of District Commissioner for Basingstoke East Scouts.

Jamie Andrews has now officially been appointed as DC for the District with the role being back dated to the 1st January 2021. Many of you will know Jamie from his 11 years with Basingstoke East in various roles most recently as Deputy District Commissioner. We are sure you will agree, Jamie has done a great job as Acting District Commissioner including managing the district through uncertain times and he will bring some amazing skills and ideas to continue to the quality Scouting for young people and adult volunteers.

We will be looking to arrange an all leaders meeting in the coming months for a more formal introduction and a chance to share the district vision for the next 5 years,

Congratulations Jamie!

We hope that above news brings peace of mind to all our volunteers across the district and some real stability as we all returning to face to face Scouting. As always your District SLT are available so any concerns or issues please do not hesitate to contact any of us. You can find details of everyone on the team page.


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