GoCardless Fees

16 March 2022

Many of you who are using GoCardless may have received an email regarding a change in their pricing structure.

The following is an update from OSM confirming these changes and how they affect Scout Groups

If you are using our Online Payments system you will have received an email from GoCardless explaining their fees are increasing.

The email also mentions other fees that you can ignore unless you are using other GoCardless features outside OSM.

The only fee changes that you will notice are:

* Their 1% fee drops to 0.75%

* Their minimum of 15p becomes a “plus 15p”.

Those numbers may have VAT added to them depending if you registered for the VAT relief fund.

So their fees on a £30 transaction go from being 30p to 37.5p.

OSM’s fees are unchanged at 1.95% including VAT.

Please do ensure you are registered as a charity to qualify for these prices by logging on to GoCardless and going to Settings – Edit account details – Tell us about your company.


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