Introducing our DDC – Growth & Development

22 April 2022

We are delighted to report that the district senior leadership team is expanding once again and will now have a fourth deputy district commissioner. Georgina Charlton, who is currently Assistant District Commissioner for Inclusion will become our strategic leader for Growth and Development.

Georgina will be responsible for the strategic view of scouting in Basingstoke East, leading on growth and development planning and projects, ensuring that our membership is reflective of our diverse community, remaining as inclusive as possible. A further key aspect of this role will be to champion, lead and implement organisational change at a local level as part of the Scout Association’s movement-wide changes commencing later this year. Georgina comes to us with a wealth of experience working as an Organisational Change Lead within the NHS and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be of huge benefit and impact to young people and adult volunteers in Basingstoke East. We will now commence the recruitment of a replacement ADC Inclusion who will work closely with Georgina in her new role as DDC Growth and Development.

Please join me in welcoming Georgina into her new role.

Hello all

My name is Georgina and I joined the District team last September as the ADC Inclusion. I am new to Scouting and Basingstoke and am keen to support and make an impact in my local community. Being out and about over the 6 months, I have seen the positive impact that scouting is having on the young people of Basingstoke East, even more so now we are able to connect face to face again and I am keen to support further growth. I am pleased to see that there has been a good recovery of number of young people after a turbulent few years and is a huge credit to the dedication and flexibility of delivery from our amazing volunteers. Its important to me that we continue to make our groups accessible to volunteers and young people that are representative of our diverse community.

By day, I lead organisational change in an NHS Trust in London. This involves making sure teams are empowered, valued and set up for success. All principles that I will be adopting in my new role as DDC for Growth and Development. I will be honest from my experience, sometimes reflecting on challenges we are facing and the change that needs to be made can feel uncomfortable. But in line with the scout value of Integrity… it is doing what is right, not what is comfortable. I encourage us to be bold in our visions for the future and feel privileged to embark on this exciting journey collectively.

Keen to hear your views and ideas for improvement, so please do feel free to reach out to me at


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