Sports Charades

Type: Individual

Equipment: Scrap paper, Pens or pencils Sports charades cards (see examples.pdf).

Setup: Everyone to sit in a circle suitable socially distanced.

Extra Measures: Write a list of sports on a piece of paper and number it 1 to 30 (or however many you have). Or ask people to write down a sport and leave it upside down on the floor. Instead of picking pieces of paper from a bowl, ask them to choose a number. Select the sport against the number they have chosen. You’ll need to stay distanced as you show people the paper. For example, you could put the piece of paper down and walk away, then the other person could walk over and see it.


Players must act out the sport written on the piece of paper they pick from the bowl. If they don’t know what the sport is, they can pick again. Players cannot say words but they can make noises during their charade. Everyone else should try to guess what the sport is. The player should shake their head at incorrect guesses and continue acting until the sport is guessed correctly.

If anyone in the group does this sport, they should explain the basic rules and can talk about some of the clothing and equipment needed. Everyone should have a turn at acting out a charade if they want to.

Perhaps extend the game at the end to chat about how it went. What did they do to be a good team player and help their team? Can they think of other types of teams and the roles in them?


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