Walking Football

Type: Team

Equipment: One Football

Setup: A pitch can be any size with marked off goal areas at each end of the pitch. This may be a semi- circle or rectangle.

Extra Measures: No running or contact between players is allowed. The same person (ideally a leader) should get the ball if it goes off the pitch, so only one person touches the ball with their hands. They should wash their hands after touching the ball.


Walking football is a twist on the classic game. It’s played in small teams with specific rules – no running or contact between players is allowed.

1. Running or jogging on or off the ball is not permitted by any player (including goalkeepers) and will usually result in an indirect free kick being awarded.

2. The referee shall have sole interpretation on deciding what is and what is not walking.

3. The ball is not permitted to travel above head height.

4. Physical contact is not permitted and is therefore regarded as foul play.

5. An outfield player entering the goal area (unless they do so purely as a result of momentum) commits a foul, regardless of whether or not they play the ball.

6. A goalkeeper leaving the goal area during play commits a foul, except when this is a result of momentum only and providing that he/she is not in possession of the ball (and does not play the ball) outside the goal area.


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