19 January 2022

It’s that time of year again where Census is upon us. The official Census date is the 31st January, so now is the time that we need to start collecting the information required. OSM is the easiest, fastest and most compliant way to collect this information for both your young people and your leaders. It takes a member or their parent about half a minute to complete. This method is easy to set up and there is a short how to guide  available here if you require.  We will also provide a walk through and Q&A during our All Members District Meeting on the 24th January.  For those who have opted into the Data Sharing Partnership you will have a button to submit the data straight into the system, for those who haven’t the aggregated data will be displayed in the format you need to enter manually, saving you a great deal of time.

It is really important that you collect ALL information and this should come directly from the members/parents. Please do not presume gender identity or disabilities, we need to gather this information accurately. The data from Census is used to help both Nationally and locally who are members are. Scouts are a fully inclusive organisation and we are locally trying to understand if our demographic truly reflects that of Basingstoke, we can only do with this with the right data. There is an information for parents sheet available here which explains in more detail. If you have any specific questions or wish for more support about how to capture the diversity demographics, please contact our ADC Inclusion, Georgina Charlton.

Key Dates & Actions

The Census site is now open and Group Scout Leaders will start receiving their log in details within the next few days however this table details some of the key dates and actions.



Membership Fees and Payment

The district membership fee for this year will be charged at £10.85.

The Hampshire County membership fee charged will remain the same as last year at £14.15

The Headquarters fee will be charged at £35.00

This makes a total of £60 per young person. There is no charge for adult volunteers.

 A 50p per young person rebate is available for those that make payment by 4th April 2022. All payments will be due to District and you will receive an invoice following your submission.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to simply reply to this email, if you need support then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can ensure this happens for you. We will have Census as an agenda item on our All Members District Meeting on the 24th January.

For those groups who do not currently have a Group Scout Leader you will be contacted directly by one of the DDC’s to assist in completing Census.



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