First Aid Practical Training & Module Validation

26 May 2021

As we return back to face to face, we are aware of the need to run the Practical First Aid training (Module 10B) for those who did Module 10A online. We are also aware that there is lots of outstanding validation to be done on modules so we want to offer the opportunity for you to come along, meet a Training Advisor and get some modules validated on the evening!

First Aid

There will be 6 slots per 30 minutes for the duration of the evening (18:30 to 22:00).

When you arrive, you will need to demonstrate (or instruct a trainer) your skill in performing

  1. approach to and assessment of scene / incident;
  2. CPR for an adult;
  3. CPR for a child.

Of course, we can do some practicing before hand and you will be doing it all together.

Please only sign up for the first aid validation if you have completed Module 10A

Module Validation

There will be 30 minute slots throughout the evening where you can sign up and someone will be on contact to find out which module you want to validate and advise anything you may need to bring along. You will then meet a Training Advisor for 30 minutes per module to run through the validation and get signed off! If you want to validate more than one module then simply sign up for multiple slots.

If you are unsure whether you have outstanding training then please speak with your GSL/Line Manager or email me directly and I will be able to advise.

There is five different evenings available to book in various locations:

  • 11th June – Brighton Hill
  • 8th July – Kempshott
  • 3rd August – Oakley
  • 13th September – 24th Basingstoke West
  • 8th October – Worting Scout Group


Slots are likely to get booked up fast, so get booking!


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