Disneyland Paris – Deadline Extended

31 January 2022

We’ve had an amazing response for the Disney adventure with 86 young people signed up to join us for the event. Whilst the deadline has been set for 31st January so that we can then start the monthly payment plan for those attending, we would of course welcome any additions. So if we can ask that you give the parents another reminder that they are welcome to sign up between now and the end of February. As a District Events team, we will be in contact directly with participants to collect the monthly payments from 1st March.

We’re very keen that all young people across the District get the opportunity to attend, so if your Section or Group aren’t planning to attend, please do let your young people know of the event as we will be able to put them in touch with Groups who do have spare capacity. It’s important that all young people across the District have the same opportunity to attend. If your Section aren’t using OSM, you can simply ask the young person’s parent to sign them up using the following link: https://www.bescouts.org.uk/disney/ and press ‘Register’

Beaver Leaders: don’t forget the event is open to all young people who will be Cubs by the time of the event so if there are any current Beavers who are born on or before 12th February 2015, they can join the adventure too.

Action for those with young people already attending:

So that we can ensure we have a collated list of attendees, can we ask that each Section sends us a list of those attending, including their name, date of birth and a parent’s email address. If you could also confirm that your Group has received the deposit payment from them as we will shortly be asking the District Treasurer to raise invoices for Groups to collect the deposits.

If you could let us know which Leaders are planning to attend from your section also. They can complete the online form here, or you can just let us know by return email who is attending.

We’re working hard as an Events team to update our bookings and move forward with planning the next stages of this event and we will send further information out very soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know at disney@bescouts.org.uk

Don’t forgot all the information on the event is available here.

Paul, Amy and Craig


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