Disneyland Paris – Phase 2 Registrations

10 March 2022

We’ve had an amazing response to our Disneyland Paris trip with over 100 people attending already! Initial registration for the event has now closed and we are in the process of finalising the accommodation, coaches, etc.

We know that people are still asking if they can attend, and some young people may not have yet seen the invite so we are pleased to open our phase 2 registrations.

How does this work?

Now please direct people to sign up directly via the district website. We will contact the relevant group to request their OSM record. Please note that although this registration is open we can only continue accepting participants whilst the accommodation will let us add more rooms. Until confirmed by the event team their place on the trip is not confirmed.

What about payments?

For all phase 2 registrations, we will request both their deposit and ongoing payments directly. To keep inline with our outbound payments there is an increased deposit to catch up for the payments they will have missed. They are ofcourse welcome to pay in full too.

Not yet registered yourself?

We are still looking for adults to attend, so please register as soon as possible here.

More information?

Check out the dedicated Disney page on the adult support site or the public page for parents and attendees.


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