Fox & Hounds

Type: Wide Game

Equipment: 1 whistle

Setup: None

Extra Measures: All players to stay distanced, no tagging. Clearly lay out the borders of the playing area so players don’t go into areas occupied by other pods.


Divide into two teams, the “foxes” with around 25% of the players and “hounds” with the other 75%.

Foxes are given either a whistle or a packet of flour, and a time limit is set (usually 10 minutes). Foxes are given a minute “head-start” and told explicitly to either lay flour every 20 seconds of their journey or blow the whistle every 20-30 seconds. After the initial minute is up the Hounds are let out to chase the foxes following their path and every fox tagged is out. The foxes win if any of them are still active after 10 minutes and the Hounds win if all have been caught.


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