Kick Log

Type: Wide Game

Equipment: A log or other suitable base

Setup: Find an area which has a number of hiding places.

Extra Measures: Ensure everyone stays 2m apart. The queue needs to also have 2m separation between people. Take care not to get in the way of each other when running.


All the participants are given some designated time to go hide (like hide-and-go-seek maybe 30-60 seconds). After the appropriate hiding time, the leaders go looking for the participants. The leaders catch participants by seeing them and calling out their name. They and the participant have to chase back to the log. If the leader gets their first then the participant is caught and joins the queue of caught participants. If the participant gets there first then the person at the front of the queue is freed.

The participants can also free the people at the front of the queue but getting to the log even if the leader has not called out their name.

You can vary the game by allowing the participants to free multiple children or all of them. The game continues until everyone is caught or until a certain time limit is reached.

Note: If playing with younger children (e.g. beavers) allow them to hide together or with an older participants. Leaders should give leeway so they do not always catch everyone.


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