Mr Sit and Mr Stand

Type: Individual

Equipment: None

Setup: Everyone sits or stands in a circle

Extra Measures: Ensure everyone is 2m apart


The following story is read out. Everyone does the reverse actions to sit and stand i.e. sit when they hear stand etc…

Mr Sit and Mr Stand were friends who could face almost any situation with complete understanding.

Mr Sit was invited to stand as parliamentary candidate for Sittingbourne and his friend Mr Stand viewed the situation with considerable understanding.

As Mr Sit said, “If I stand for Sittingbourne, it is on the understanding that, if
elected, I shall sit in the House”.

Mr Stand said, “If you wish to sit in the House, I will not stand in your way in order that you can stand for Sittingbourne.

I quite understand the situation and that is no lie”

After the election, Mr Sit and Mr Stand went aboard Mr Sit’s yacht which was lying in the harbour.

The party was completed by Mrs Stand and Mrs Sit with their sons Standly and Sitney.

When dinner was served in the saloon of the yacht, Mr Stand sat with Mrs Sit and Mrs Stand sat with Mr Sit. Altogether it was a very understanding situation and there perhaps we ought to let the matter lie.


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