The Candle Game

Type: Team, Wide Game

Equipment: 2 night lights and jam jars. Torch per participant.

Setup: None

Extra Measures: Clearly lay out the borders of the playing area so players don’t go into areas occupied by other pods. Catch someone by shining a torch beam and saying their name. Put out the candle by blowing it out. Sanitise the pots and all hands after each game. All players to maintain 2m social distance.


This game, played at night, is a variant of Capture the Flag that we just call “The Candle Game”. Pick out two even teams and set boundaries for the game – a large rectangle or square. Two small pots are placed by each team at opposite ends of a field (with trees or bush down the sides of the field) and lids for the pots are placed on the ground, just beside the pots; a small, lighted candle is placed in each pot. The jars must be completely exposed (no stuffing them into holes in the ground, or putting them in trees). The leaders also setup a jail in the middle of the field.

Each team tries to put out the other team’s candle by sneaking up on their opponent’s candle and putting the lid on the pot without being caught. If a player is caught they must come to the jail where they wait to be freed by one of their team who comes to the jail and says the name of the person in jail.

One whistle indicates the start of the game, two indicates the end – players must return to the jail area.


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