Wink Murder

Type: Individual

Equipment: None

Setup: None

Extra Measures: Ensure there is 2m between everyone in the LARGE circle.


A Detective is chosen and leaves the room/area (and chooses a name). Everyone else stands in a circle and the Leader chooses a murderer by tapping that person on the head. The Detective comes back in. The murderer may kill anybody in the group by winking at them. (no one but the murderer can wink ).

If a person receives a wink he must count 5 and fall forward and say aaahh! (he is dead and cannot participate for the rest of the game ). If the Detective spots another person winking at someone he may accuse that person of being the murderer. He has 3 chances to accuse correctly.

The game ends when the murderer is caught or the Detective has made 3 accusations.


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